Public Safety Products

Police sergeant calling in for backup with a Motorola rasio. Firefighter driving the truck to the scene of a fire, receiving directions on his Motorola radio.

Police & Law Enforcement

Reliable communications is crucial for protecting the safety of the officers and the communities they serve. Communications solutions keep field personnel in touch with each other and with Command and Control Operations. They can also give officers access to data, arrest files, DMV records, and much more - when and where they need it most. Our solutions include:

Fire and Emergency Rescue

Motorola delivers communication solutions that allow fire and rescue departments to focus on their mission. Solutions that deliver real-time information into the hands of users, allowing for better decisions, thus better outcomes on the scene as listed below.

Public Service

Local governments can more efficiently communicate and respond. The results include:

Project 25

Project 25 (P25) is a public safety communications standard dedicated to ensuring interoperability in communications, designed to ensure fast and secure communications between local, state and federal agencies. The Project 25 standard organization is comprised of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), the National Association of State Telecommunications Directors 9NASTD) and the U.S. Federal Government. The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) offers manufacturers representation in the standard's creation and modification.


ASTRO 25 is Motorola's third generation of digital wireless solutions specifically designed for mission-critical applications.

Teachers putting kids on school bus, coordinating with Motorola radios. Power company workers repairing a downed power line using Motorola radios.